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We guarantee that you will rank on page 1 for at least half of your keywords by the end of the campaign or we will continue to work for free until you do.

You honestly don’t think we want to work for free, do you? Of course not, you can trust that we will get your site ranking on Google withing the agreed upon amount of time or we will work for free


Initial Analysis of Your Site & Keyword Planning

Traffic Estimates and Goal Setting

Website Development or Optimization

On Site Optimization – Whats This?

Off Site Optimization – Whats This?

Weekly or Daily Reporting Most

Companies only offer montly

Multiple Different Payment Options


There are three different ways you can pay

Pay per Month – (Monthly SEO)

Pay by the Hour – (Hourly SEO)

Pay Per Performance (Work for Hire SEO)

phoenix seo services

Examples of Work for Hire:

(x amount of Articles created at $x rate)

(x amount of links built at $x rate)

(x amount of pages optimized at $x rate)

(x amount of directory link submissions at $x rate)

phoenix seo company

Case Studies / Previous Work

Study 1 – Music Production

Seo Case Study 3 music beats

music beats case study seoseo case study music beats

Build Website for client and launched it in May 2013 – Site Redesign in November 2013

Starting Traffic Zero – Since then “Music Beats” has received over 523,000 views in 11 months and is averaging about 55,000 hits per month.

Study 2 – Tax Preparation & Accounting

That tax lady

that tax lady

Build Website for client and launched it in November 2013

Starting Traffic Zero – Since then “That Tax Lady” has received over 1075 views in 5 1/2 months and is averaging about 200 hits per month.

Study 3 – Electrician / Electrical Contractor

case studies 1

seo case study 2

Build Website for client and launched it in October 2013

Starting Traffic Zero – Since then “Lammon Electric” has received over 853 views in 6 months and is averaging about 150 hits per month.

Best SEO Company Online

How Can We Say That?

Best SEO Company Online

Or at least our previous customers seem to think so. Over 1/3rd of our business comes from referrals from our previous clients. People wouldn’t refer us if there sites didn’t rank right? So, “Best Seo Company”, how can we possibly say that? Well, we offer Seo services at a discount rate compared to most SEO companies online plus most Search Engine Optimization companies will charge you upwards of $100 dollars an hour or more.  Our rates are much lower and that’s because it’s only a small staff that works for our company so you are only paying for what you get. You will be able to reach us easily and know what stage of the process we are in the entire way through. We offer a variety of Seo services to choose from.  Please contact us via email or telephone. We are the Best Phoenix SEO Company because we can do what the major companies can do at a discounted rate. We also provide documentation of the work that is completed each day. We offer a Do it yourself SEO guide for businesses who just need to know how to do it themselves to save money.  We also offer services at an hourly rate. Click here to view our satisfied SEO customers.

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Guaranteed Services

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

We guarantee that you will be ranking on Page 1 for at least half of your keywords by the end of you campaign agreement or I will work for free until you do.  It even comes on the Contract in Bold Print. We guarantee that we are using the most White hat methods possible to ensure that your website will never be penalized by Google or have to worry about Panda or Hummingbird Updates.  Our SEO specialists are very in tune with the most cutting edge SEO tactics in the business.  We want to make sure that you are more than satisfied with our services and that you will tell a friend.  Half of our business comes from return customers with new sites or from referrals.

Why Should You Hire Us and Not Some Other SEO Company?

Why You Should Hire Us

We offer Daily or weekly Reporting so you know how your site is doing day by day

We get you ranking quickly – It doesn’t take months to get good rankings, we have seen websites rank on the first page of Google within a couple days

Most SEO company’s won’t even start your project without paying at least 1500 dollars to start, you can get started with our company for as low as 25-500 dollars

We know how to build the strongest links the fastest, we will never spam your links to a bunch of low quality sites. The only sites we build links on are high quality top page rank sites

We are expert SEO Content writers and the new way Google ranks sites is based off of content. We specialize in using content to get your site ranking quickly and safely.

We stay up to date on Google Algorithm Updates so you will never have to worry about losing rankings due to an update

Don’t want to do the work yourself? Just request a quote from the contact form below.


Seo Specialist:

Erick (Efreezee) Carlson 

Best Phoenix Seo Company

3612 E Altadena Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85028

1 (337) 852 – 1167

Freezee Productions, LLC 2014


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