Chill Study Beats
Written by efreezee

Chill Study Beats

Listen to 2 hours of Chill Study Beats in Music Genres of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and more from producer Efreezee. Listen to my Chill Study Beats playlist on YouTube.

Chill Study Beat Playlist

  1. The One (R&B/Hip Hop) 0:00 – 3:41
  2. Can You Feel Me (R&B/Hip Hop) 3:42 – 7:19
  3. Allure (R&B) 7:20 – 10:57
  4. Baby (R&B/Hip Hop) 10:58 – 14:14
  5. Classy So Right (R&B) 14:15 – 19:52
  6. Mayfield (Hip Hop) 19:53 – 22:55
  7. Destiny (Pop/R&B) 22:53 – 26:40
  8. Epic (Hip Hop/R&B) 26:41 – 30:44
  9. Hush (R&B) 30:45 – 35:23
  10. I’m Alive (Hip Hop/R&B) 35:24 – 40:11
  11. Motivation (Hip Hop/R&B) 40:12 – 44:25
  12. McKnight (Old School R&B) 44:26 – 49:10
  13. Pac Style (R&B/Ambient) 49:11 – 51:45
  14. Good Feeling (R&B/Hip Hop) 51:46 – 55:19
  15. Drive Me Crazy (Old School R&B/Hip Hop) 55:20 – 59:52
  16. Real R&B (R&B) 59:53 – 63:37
  17. Uggh (R&B/Hip Hop) 63:38 – 66:44
  18. On Deck (Hip Hop/R&B) 66:45 – 70:30
  19. Progression (Hip Hop/R&B/Rock) 70:31 – 74:07
  20. Poetry (R&B/Hip Hop) 74:08 – 77:56
  21. Rich and Free (R&B/Hip Hop/Ambient) 77:57 – 82:09
  22. Vibe Wit Me (Hip Hop/R&B) 82:10 – 87:04
  23. Victory (Hip Hop/R&B) 87:05 – 90:53
  24. Marz Elevated (Hip Hop/Pop/R&B) 90:54 – 94:16
  25. Live Forever (Pop/R&B) 94:17 – 98:11
  26. Made It (Hip Hop/R&B) 98:12 – 101:41
  27. Warren G (Old School West Coast Hip Hop) 101:42 – 104:35
  28. Westside (R&B/Hip Hop) 104:36 – 108:00
Written by efreezee

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The Real Batman

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how to get your music on tv film and commercials
Written by efreezee

How to Get your music placed on TV, Film and Commercials

Sooo, you’ve got some pretty hot music, and now you want some music placement opportunities on National Cable TV, Commercials, and Film right? Awesome, that’s exactly what I’m about to teach you.

I originally wrote this article Jan 2015, but I am updating it today with new and awesome information! I just recently got a beat placement on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!!! I was watching the show with my babe, and all of a sudden my beat started playing out of nowhere!! I looked around to make sure it wasn’t my phone or computer glitching or something… it wasnt!!!

I freaked out and said “That’s my beat!!”, “OH MY GOD”, “Thats My Beat!!”.

I could not believe it! I always had a dream of my music playing on a popular show that I actually watch. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had received numerous placements on VH1’s “Best Week Ever” already,

music placement on vh1 best week ever

My First Music Placement On VH1 Best Week Ever

but this was my beat playing on a MAJOR TV Show that I actually watch. I looked it up and that show is watched by 5.6 million people! I honestly don’t know how much I stand to make from that beat placement yet since it only happened about 1 month and 1 day ago, but who’s counting haha.

Check out the post and video when I realized my beat was playing on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I freaked out!!

That was an unforgettable experience that will live with me for a lifetime!

My Name is Erick “Efreezee” Carlson and I am a music producer and composer for Artists, TV and Film, but it hasn’t always been that way though. I only started getting TV placements back in 2014 and it actually blew my mind at how easy it was to get. You will also be surprised at how easy it actually is to get your music placed on TV and Film just by knowing the right information and where to go.

However, keep in mind, I’ve been making music since 2001, it took me over 13 years to get my first TV or Film placement. You are basically getting the benefit of my 15 years of experience all in this one article. Lucky you!! Wish I would of had some kind of help when I slipped, fell, and busted my everything along the way… but, that’s another story, haha, lets get your music placed!

How I Got Started

Back in 2014, I was at a point in my music producer career where I wanted to start making off of my beats, and I was searching everywhere for all kinds of ways to do that. I started out google searching for ways to promote my music. All I found were people wanting to charge me to put my beats on a mix-tape or music companies offering Twitter or Email blasts. They promised to shoot your music out to all of their 1,000’s of music fans. I did some research online and found out that, those blasts really don’t work and only get you so much exposure.

My First BMI Roytalty Check For Music Placements

My First BMI Roytalty Check For Music Placements On National TV

After searching and searching for ways to promote my beats, I finally ended up finding what I never knew I was looking for, it was “Music Publishing & Licensing Companies”.

I found a music licensing company called Broadjam.comI spent $300 dollars for a year membership to try it out and see if I could get some solid placements on their. They not only let you submit music for TV and Commercials, but also with major artists.

music placement opportunity with shakira major artist

Selected for Music Placement With Shakira

I was actually selected at one point for a placement on a Shakira album, but that was only the first step to getting on the album. Your beat or song still has to make it all the way through 2 more steps before making the final cut. And, not only do you have to pay the $300, but you also have to pay 5 dollars per submission. To make a long story short, I never ended up receiving 1 single placement from and probably spend around $550 total. I was really discouraged at this point and wasn’t sure whether to sign up with another music licensing company or not.

That was until I got a random call from a lady in New York, claiming she knew how to get my beats placed on TV and Film. I was very susceptible, especially having never talked to this person ever in my life before. Although, she seemed liked she was pretty knowledgeable about the music industry, and was only asking me for $200 for the full list of music licensing companies (I think there were 2). I only had a little bit of money at the time and only felt comfortable giving out $100 dollars until I knew at least one of the companies were legit. So, I paid her the $100 dollars for the information via Paypal and then she told me where to go.

Unlock the content below to find out where to go (Website) to get your music placed on TV!