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Free Instrumental Beats Download MP3

*Download free high quality mp3 instrumentals to your computer, smartphone, or tablet! Please read my rules for using free instrumental downloads. Here you can download free rap beats, hip hop instrumentals, r&b beats and more.

Instrumental Beats

Here are the first couple free beats. Click on the Links To Download The rest of The Instrumentals!

How To Download The Promotional Beats

How To Download The Free Beats

To Download the free instrumental beats, just click on the links that say “free download”. You will have to share or like this page by using the social locker first. Each music beat will have its own Free Instrumental Downloads link. Just click the underlined link that says instrumental downloads. Save the free download to your desktop.

Free Instrumental Beats - MusicBeats.Net

Are you searching online for “Instrumental Beats” or “Instrumental Download“? Great, you can download instrumentals right here on this site. Read My Rules To Download Instrumentals: You can use my beats for free as long as you don’t make money off of them. Give the proper credit to Efreezee @ MusicBeats.Net.

free beats download

On Musicbeats.net you can download free instrumentals and beats to use for Mix-tapes, Albums, Movies, Freestyles, Dance Videos, Gamer Music, Workout Music, Rap Instrumental Downloads, Background Music for Youtube/Vine Videos, non-profit TV & Film projects, Beats for Songs and more.

instrumental beats - instrumental downloads

Not only do I offer free downloadable beats but I also show artist how to jump-start their music careers. Click here to find out the Next steps to becoming a successful rap artist. Share you completed song with me for a chance to be featured. *Mobile and tablet users can download the beats to your device.

Terms and Conditions / FAQ

Terms and Conditions

Free Instrumental Beat Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that all of these free beats and free instrumentals are for promo purposes only and no actual money can be made using the free versions of these tracks. If you would like to sell your music you need to Buy Beats.

I eventually have beats with hooks as well.


FAQ About Downloading Instrumentals

Why should I use Promtional instrumentals & Beats From Musicbeats.net a.k.a. Freezee Productions LLC?

Free beats are a great way to make music cheaply and easily. It’s a great way to explore different types of beats without committing too much to just one. Also, this gives you a chance to try before you buy.

Some producers frown upon artists using a free beat as they state it lowers the amount of money people make off selling beats. I disagree I think it puts you in the face of a lot of potential beat buying artists. Feel free to download as many of my beats as you like!

Will Other People Be Using This Track Too?

Yes, there will be other artists that make demos to these free instrumentals too but, your goal is to make an awesome track and do more with your song than they do. You want to make a creative music video to go along with your song, even if it is created with your cellphone.

Making music videos and sharing them at places like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to promote yourself online. *Tip – Make a creative music video and share it on Facebook. If you are using my free instrumentals, I will help you boost the post to get more exposure, likes and shares.

Can I Download One of Your Non-tagged free instrumentals for no cost?

No, Non tagged beats and instrumentals are for beat buying clients only. If you would like a beat that has no tags on it, please see my buy instrumentals page. Honestly though I have had artist do so good on their track that I end up giving them a non exclusive for no cost. Do a great job and we can talk business.

Can I Use Your Free Instrumental Downloads for a Mix-tape, You tube Video, or Album that I Am Working On?

Absolutely, Just Use the Links to download them, see above.

Use the social locker or subscribe to my email to be able to reveal the links to the downloads. Please represent my business in a positive light.

Thank you for visiting http://MusicBeats.net, the #1 Website Online to Download Free Music Beats & Mixtape Hip Hop Rap Instrumentals.

Club Hit Produced By Efreezee Instrumental Beat
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Club Hit (Club/Hip Hop) Free Instrumental Beat

Instrumental Name: “Club Hit”

Instrumental Description:  Club hit is a hard hitting rap / hip hop beat that has plenty of switch ups, hard hitting drums and awesome transitions. This beat is definitely for going hard with your lyrics and showcasing your lyrical talents.

Produced By: Erick “Efreezee” Carlson

Track Length: 3:15 | Download Size: 7.44MB

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop, Club

1. Listen To The Instrumental

Listen To This Instrumental by using the YouTube music player below. Click play to start streaming the beat.


2. Download the free Instrumental

Download this free instrumental by clicking on the link below. You can save it to your desktop or smartphone. *If you are saving this .mp3 download to your smartphone, it will be downloaded and stored in the media section of your phone after downloading. This is the free version which means this BEAT IS TAGGED. All of my free beats contain beat tags. If you would like “Club Hit” un-tagged, you must purchase it beat below. You can still add other beats to the cart after adding this one.

Download “Club Hit” Tagged Produced by Efreezee

3. To Buy This Beat Click Below

To buy this beat, select one of the options below. Refer to this page for my beat licensing terms.

Add To Cart

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Free Dubstep Mp3 Beat Download Links | Instrumentals

Welcome to MusicBeats.net. We have put together our list of the best free dubstep Mp3 beat download sites online in 2016. The first section of this post contains our free dubstep mp3 downloads made by Efreezee @ Musicbeats.net, and the others we have found on the web and added to this list.

Free Beats With Hooks
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Free Beats With Hooks

If your looking to download “free beats with hooks mp3’s“, MusicBeats.Net can help! We scoured the internet to find all of the free downloadable mp3 hip hop instrumentals with hooks we could find. We put together an awesome list and made the beats super easy to download!

Download Free Beat With Hook Mp3’s Here

Use the YouTube player to start playing the instrumentals. Click on the links below the video to download the free mp3’s.

1. Rap Instrumental with Hook | CHANGE THE WORLD | Free Download

Download Free Mp3

2. Hard Rap Beat with Hook “Gangsta” FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

3. Hip Hop Beat with Hook “My Reflection” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download Free Mp3

4. New Eminem Style Beat with Hook “I Believe In You”

Download Free Mp3

5. Eminem Type Beat With Hook 2016 Rap Instrumental – WITH NO REGRETS – Free DL

Download Free Mp3

6. Hip Hop Beat with Hook 2016 “For Everyone” FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

7. Hip Hop Rap Beat with Hook “Criminal” FREE DOWNLOAD (2016)

Download Free Mp3

8. Hip Hop Rap Beat with Hook “All In My Head”

Download Free Mp3

9. BETTER PLACE – Hip Hop Beat with Hook | FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

10. (Free) Emotional Sad Type Beat with Hook 2016 – “Why Again” | Mubz Beats

Download Free Mp3

11. Hip Hop Rap Instrumental With Hook “Tonight” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download Free Mp3

12. FREE Drake Type Beat With Hook 2015 – Above Me | Prod. By @BrioBeats

Download Free Mp3

Thank you for visiting my “free beats with hook” section of my website. Stay tuned for more from Efreezee at MusicBeats.net. Download even more free beats here.

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Summertime (Hip Hop & Rap Fusion)

“Summertime Instrumental” Produced by Efreezee

Track Length 3:12 | Size 6.37MB

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

1. Listen To The Hip Hop Instrumental

Listen To This Hip Hop Rap Instrumental by using the music player below. Click play to start streaming the beat.

2. Download the free Instrumental

Download this free instrumental by clicking on the link below. You can save it to your desktop or smartphone. *If you are saving this mp3 download to your smartphone, it will be downloaded and stored in the media section of your phone after downloading. This is the free version which means this BEAT IS TAGGED. All of my free beats contain beat tags. If you would like the Summertime instrumental un-tagged, you must purchase it beat below. You can still add other beats to the cart after adding this one.

Download “Summertime” Produced by Efreezee  SummerTime-Tagged-Prod-By-Efreezee.mp3 (19268 downloads)

3. To Buy This Beat Click Below

To buy this beat, select one of the options below. Refer to this page for my beat licensing terms.

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how free beats could be hurting your music career
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How Free Beats Could Be Crushing Your Music Career

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “I GOT FREE BEATS BRO”, or at least seen it online in a Facebook post or instant message or something. You might even be one of the producers saying that!

Well, I am here to tell you that downloading free beats could possibly be harming your music career!

Now I know that’s a bold statement, but let me be clear… It can be good for you too!!!

Stick around to learn the advantages and disadvantages of downloading free beats online.

A lot of rap beat producers offer free beats as a form of promotional product or way to promote their beats online. It’s a fast and easy way to get your name on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Plus, tons of novice rappers online are looking for free beats to freestyle and make records with every day.

So, if you have a beat selling website that offers free instrumentals, you’ll surely see a lot of traffic as long as you have professional SEO optimization and a content development strategy in place.

While offering free beats is a great way to promote yourself online as a producer and bring in search engine traffic to your site, it’s not always the best option if you are trying to sell your beats for money.

I’ve had millions of plays and over 1,000,000 of my beats downloaded for free online over the years, and I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of offering free beats and free instrumentals online. On that note, let’s get started.

Advantages of offering Free Beats on your Website, Facebook, Soundcould, Soundclick etc


Brings in a steady amount of search engine traffic for users who type in the term “free beats” or “free instrumentals”, some of you might of even found this article by typing in a similar term, or just could resist the juicy title with content about crushing your music career just by downloading a free beat or two

Soundclick and Soundcloud are the dominators or the search engines, they rank for all of the highest searched “free beat” terms and have 1,000’s of artists who are looking for beats every day. However, there is very high competition on both mediums and getting in an area where you can get seen without spending money on their ads is almost impossible. I received almost 600,000 plays on my Soundclick page before I decided to build my own website and get my own traffic. I was tired of spending my time promoting someone else’s site. Best thing I ever did!

Can help you get your website visited by 217 countries (My site literally gets visited by every country that looks for beats online.)


You have an unlimited supply of stock available. Your only investment is your time and effort. You can literally create the beats for free by using a free program online to create the beats and a free account on Soundclick to upload them to.

Building Relationships

Offering free versions of your instrumentals gives rappers, singers, artists a chance to try the beat out before they buy it. Some artists prefer to work this way to make sure their voice sounds right on the beat. Once they get it into the studio, they come back and purchase the non-exclusive lease.

Sometimes people will find you by searching for free beats but end up buying the beat in the long run (goes along with the try before you buy thing).

Those 217 countries you get visit from can turn into customers, contacts, or friends. Networking is getting stronger with technology and social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

Social Media: Add links on your website to your social media pages and your traffic will turn into your followers. I get friend requests from all kinds’ people and countries I can’t even spell.

Disadvantages of Downloading Free Beats Online


Some would say that offering something for free only devalues your product. I somewhat disagree though, if it weren’t for offering free beats on MusicBeats.Net, I would have never gained some of the 1000’s of relationships I’ve created over the years.


Typically the people who hate on producers offering free instrumentals are other producers. Some beat producers feel like those who offer free versions are tarnishing the industry and devaluing beats in general. I disagree with that as well!

Instilling Value

If your beats are hot, people will pay whatever you charge for them. Look at Apple’s Iphone, they charge more than every other carrier, but they also offer a superior product to everyone else as well. Do you research about pricing, price your beats accordingly but offer a couple free mp3 versions to get the traffic moving.

Free beats can hurt sales from certain artists

Some artists hate the fact that you are giving away your tracks for free and will actually turn your beats down if they have ever been in the hands of another artist. I’ve had numerous artists tell me that they weren’t going to buy my beat because another artist had downloaded it already. That killed a sale for me, even though that other artist had only downloaded the free version that even still had the tag on it.

Although, it seems like that is a bad thing… that artist may of found me because my website is ranking so well, and where do you think that came from? That is all thanks to offering the free downloads. People come to my site for the free stuff but keep me in mind when it’s time to make a purchase. Also, I keep in touch with certain artists that reach out to me. You never know if they might turn into a beat buying client.

Give them an inch and they will take a mile

You would think that because you are giving the instrumental away for free, no one would ask for anything additional and just take the product as is.

Well, for some reason, some artists think that producers should make the beat custom for them even though they are downloading a free version. They may start to take you for granted and think you will always give them everything for free. This is especially true when you work with local artists. If they are used to getting everything for free, they will always expect that.

Lots of work involved

If you use Soundclick or Soundcloud, uploading beats can be pretty easy to do. Although, if you have a website like me, uploading beats isn’t quite the same as other websites you might be used to.

Uploading beats to my site goes like this: First, upload purchasable version (make 3 different versions for non-exclusive beats, premium exclusive beats, and exclusive beats, all with individual pricing), then, upload the free version, add all the details in and what not, and finally, I have to add all the links on the link different pages I have setup. Adding a new beat can be time consuming but it’s worth the time you put into it. Your own personal beat selling website will pay off for itself 10 fold.

As you can see there are many disadvantages and advantages of producers offering free beats. I know from experience that offering free beats can: Help bring a steady flow of traffic to your website, engage more customers, sell more beats, and get your name out in the world for all to see!

Thank you for stopping by MusicBeats.Net, view our other recent articles or browse our website to find multiple music services including – beats for any type of project, background music for tv and film, mixing and mastering services, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and more.


Written by efreezee

Music Beats Blog


Here you will find all kinds of helpful information about selling more beats, getting more plays on Soundclick and Soundcloud, how to get placements on TV and Film, links to the top free beat sites and more.

Next Steps To Becoming a Successful Rap Artist


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Why Efreezee Only Wants Positive Artist to Rap To His Beats

best free soundclick beats and instrumentals producers online
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Best Free Soundclick Beats & Instrumental Downloads

Soundclick is not only a free beats and instrumentals website but also one of the original music communities online. They were originally established in 1997 and is considered one of the originators of the social media platform. Soundclick is by far the top free music community online featuring signed as well as unsigned bands, artists and producers. They also have state of the art social media tools available.

Soundclick offers two different options to sign up for an account. They have free member pages as well as premium pages for artists that want to take their music pages to the next level. You can design your own artists or band page as well as or get a custom Soundclick layout designed by a professional website designer. They also offer mp3 downloads, music and producer charts, audio and video streaming, message boards/forums and more…

They currently have over 3.5 million members and are getting an average of 70 million page views per month. Soundclick is a perfect place for music listeners and creators alike.

SoundClick’s Stats

  • 60,000 new songs uploaded every month
  • 6,000 new bands added every month

List of Free services they offer:

  • Free member pages for artists and producers
  • Free store to sell your mp3’s and digital downloads
  • Gain approval to the site within 24 hours
  • Private message board
  • Rank in the music charts
  • Free member pages
  • Blogs, photos, playlists and videos

Paid services through Soundclick:

  • Vip member pages for $9.95 per month
  • No ads
  • High quality uploads
  • Promotional tools

If you love music you will find an awesome assortment of bands, artists and producers there. Most of the music is available for free streaming and free download. You can also buy mp3’s on their site. The most important part about Soundclick is there artist community, no where will you find a community so involved in music creation and music sharing. Artists and producers that make it to the top of the charts have seen as many as 300,000+ plays a day by ranking number one of the Soundclick music charts.

Some of the music labels their already working with:

Soundclick Posted “If you’re in a band…

..you must check out our features! The ‘Musicians Trade Journal’ recently reviewed 50 music-related sites. The result? They ranked SoundClick the “#1 free website to promote your band on the internet” ! Netscape, AOL, Lycos, Infoseek and others agree – they all currently list us as ‘Editors Choice’ (or equivalent).

You get unlimited webspace for your band. You can have your music in mp3 format or in streaming audio only. Full-length, stereo, near-CD quality that is. Message boards, news, mailing lists, lyrics and song story pages, member pages, and contact information are all included. Sell your music as MP3 download through us or get promos such as frontpage rotation.”

Top 10: Best Soundclick Beats & Instrumental Producers Worth Mentioning:

  1. Superstar 0 (Over 93,000,000 plays on their beats and instrumentals)
  2. Diamond Style Productions (Over 46,000,000 plays on their beats and instrumentals)
  3. Efreezee’s Soundclick Beats & Instrumentals Page (Over 478,000 plays on his beats and instrumentals)
  4. Platinum Sellers Beats (Over 79,000,000 plays on their beats and instrumentals)
  5. Mr Kooman (Over 26,000,000 plays on his beats and instrumentals page)
  6. Vybe Beats (Over 243,000,000 plays on his beats and instrumentals page)
  7. Lexi Banks (Plays Unknown)
  8. Dreas Beats (Over 9,000,000 plays on her beats and instrumentals)
  9. BeatsCraze (Over 3,000,000 plays on their beats and instrumentals)
  10. Kajmir Beats (Over 100,000,000 plays on his beats and instrumentals)
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Free Beat Mixtapes Downloads 2015 – Instrumental Mixtapes

This free beat mixtape is a mixture of instrumentals produced by Efreezee from http://MusicBeats.Net. All of these free instrumental mixtapes are for promotional purposes only and no money can be made from these free mixtape beat downloads.

Download the Free Mixtape Beats here

download the free beat mixtapes here

Mixtape Title: Motivation

Motivation is a beat-mixtape compilation of my favorite pieces of music that are motivational sounding and are meant for positive projects. These mixtape beats can be used for albums, mixtapes, youtube videos, performing live etc… Download This Beat Mix-tape. The link will send you to dropbox to download the compressed .zip file. Download and extract it to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

What are Mix-tapes Beats?

what are beat mixtapes - beat mixtapes definition

A mixtape or mix-tape is the name given to any group of song recorded onto any sound format. A mixtape is usually put together by the artists or producer who created the original tracks. The can be a mix of songs or beats linked together by mood or emotion, usually put together for specific recipients. Some have said that the personal mix tape is a highly practiced form of American art. Some say that organizing similar tracks together in a mix can help make an artistic statement that’s greater than the effect of the individual beats. Find more free beats here.


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Free Non-Exclusive Beats Contest

Why pay for beats when you can get them for free?

My Contest is simple. The first artist that records a video to one of my beats and get’s at least 1,000 plays on their video will get a free non-exclusive beat produced by Efreezee.

Contest Rules:

1. To enter, please comment below on this post with your artists name and state your reppin!

2. Keep it clean, no cursing or vulgar language, drugs, violence etc…

3. No end date, this is an on going contest, first one that makes it, get the free non-exclusive

4. Make it to 1,000 real plays on your youtube video featuring one of Efreezee’s beats and put http://musicbeats.net in the description of that video.

Winner of the Contest Gets:

  • 1 free non exclusive beat produced by Erick “Efreezee” Carlson
  • Marketing tips and ways to step your game up as an artist
  • Strategies to get more plays and exposure in the music industry

Sign Up By Commenting Your Name and Location Below!


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