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Best Happy Birthday Song Downloads

Happy Birthday Song Download

Best Happy Birthday Song Downloads

Click this link to download the best version w/ singing Best Happy-Birthday-To-You-Song-Download-In-English.mp3 (176473 downloads)

Are you searching for “Original Happy Birthday Song Download Free MP3“, while looking for the best happy birthday to you original song downloads to play for your friend’s or family member’s birthday? MusicBeats.Net can help! Here you can download all the different free .mp3 audio versions of the Happy Birthday To You Song! We currently offer free downloads of the happy birthday song’s in mp3 audio song format. *Wav audio format files are not available.

It’s your birthday, your friend’s birthday, or your family member’s birthday, and now your looking for happy birthday songs to play while you guys sing happy birthday to your lucky guest. Well, lucky for you we’ve put together a list of every version of the happy birthday song there is right here on this page.

Download the original happy birthday song mp3, happy birthday instrumental mp3, classic happy birthday song in English and the happy happy birthday song in Spanish language too. See below for the full list of mp3’s for you too listen to and download. In addition, I just made the very first Happy Birthday Beat. Click here to listen to and download the Happy Birthday Beat.

Best Happy Birthday Song Downloads:

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Best Happy Birthday Song Mp3 Free Download – New Version


This is the best version of the happy birthday song. It’s a lot different than the original version but it was really popular on YouTube, so I figured I would throw this one in as well. From the instrumental, to the singing, this version of the song is very different than the original but best for younger children’s birthday parties under 12 years of age. Keep scrolling for the original version.

Click this link to download the new version Happy-Birthday-Song-Download.mp3 (218201 downloads)

Happy Birthday Instrumental


Here is the instrumental of the happy birthday song for you to listed to and download. I used the traditional version of the song to get the instrumental for, as all of the new versions sounded so different that you wouldn’t be able to keep the melody of the song and sing along with it for the birthday guest. Enjoy this instrumental version of the song if you would like to sing to the guest yourself without vocal accompaniment. Download the happy birthday beat here.

Click this link to download the happy birthday instrumental Happy-Birthday-Instrumental.mp3 (145864 downloads)

Original Happy Birthday Song Download Free Mp3 In English – Free Download (With Singing) Festive


Here is the original happy birthday song download free mp3 in English. This is one of those songs that everyone will know and be used to. This original version of the birthday song keeps the traditional melody of the song and is easily to sing along with. I suggest this version of the birthday song for any ages over 12. You can download the mp3 by clicking on the link below.

Click this link to download the original version w/ singing Happy-Birthday-Song-In-English.mp3 (229835 downloads)

Classic Happy Birthday Song Mp3 Free Download (Classy)


Here is another version of the classic .mp3 version of the happy birthday song in English. This link actually work and won’t divert you to another site. Click below and the mp3 should force download to your computer or smart phone making it easy to use. My site doesn’t use all of those crazy ads like some other free download sites do.

Original Happy Birthday Song Mp3 Free Download

Click here to download the classic version with classy singing Original-Happy-Birthday-Song-Mp3-Free-Download.mp3 (105848 downloads)

Happy Birthday Song In Spanish


There are a lot of Latinos where I love in Phoenix Arizona, and I’ve heard a lot of them playing the Spanish version of the happy birthday song. So, I went ahead and included this mp3 version of the song for you to listen and download as well.

Birthday Song In Spanish Free Mp3 Audio Download

Click here to download the Spanish version with singing (of course lol) happy-birthday-song-in-spanish-download.mp3 (77098 downloads)

Best Happy Birthday Song Free Download Mp3’s

Here are a bunch of links to best happy birthday song downloads online.

I hope you enjoyed our list of happy birthday song downloads! We will continually add to this list and update this page often. If you found what you liked, please leave a review so others can find these free mp3 downloads. Check out our new $.99 Cent Beats page.

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Happy Birthday Song Lyrics

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics

Here are the short lyrics:
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Dear (Insert Name)
Happy Birthday To You!

Free Beats With Hooks
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Free Beats With Hooks

If your looking to download “free beats with hooks mp3’s“, MusicBeats.Net can help! We scoured the internet to find all of the free downloadable mp3 hip hop instrumentals with hooks we could find. We put together an awesome list and made the beats super easy to download!

Download Free Beat With Hook Mp3’s Here

Use the YouTube player to start playing the instrumentals. Click on the links below the video to download the free mp3’s.

1. Rap Instrumental with Hook | CHANGE THE WORLD | Free Download

Download Free Mp3

2. Hard Rap Beat with Hook “Gangsta” FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

3. Hip Hop Beat with Hook “My Reflection” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download Free Mp3

4. New Eminem Style Beat with Hook “I Believe In You”

Download Free Mp3

5. Eminem Type Beat With Hook 2016 Rap Instrumental – WITH NO REGRETS – Free DL

Download Free Mp3

6. Hip Hop Beat with Hook 2016 “For Everyone” FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

7. Hip Hop Rap Beat with Hook “Criminal” FREE DOWNLOAD (2016)

Download Free Mp3

8. Hip Hop Rap Beat with Hook “All In My Head”

Download Free Mp3

9. BETTER PLACE – Hip Hop Beat with Hook | FREE DOWNLOAD

Download Free Mp3

10. (Free) Emotional Sad Type Beat with Hook 2016 – “Why Again” | Mubz Beats

Download Free Mp3

11. Hip Hop Rap Instrumental With Hook “Tonight” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Download Free Mp3

12. FREE Drake Type Beat With Hook 2015 – Above Me | Prod. By @BrioBeats

Download Free Mp3

Thank you for visiting my “free beats with hook” section of my website. Stay tuned for more from Efreezee at MusicBeats.net. Download even more free beats here.

Best 10 Tupac Beats Of All Time Download Tupac Instrumentals
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10 Best Tupac Beats Of All Time | Instrumental Downloads

Tupac is arguably one of the greatest rap artists of the all-time! He laid down some of the most thoughtful lyrics ever created and touched the heart of millions with his powerful voice and words. Also, the beats he spit on were some of dopest beats ever produced. This article will explore the 10 best Tupac beats of all time.

#10 – Tupac Picture Me Rollin Beat

This beat is kind of twangy with the way the instruments are played, but the beat stays steady and kind of sound faded a bit. Although, this beat puts me in a thoughtful state of mind. It takes me to a place where I contemplate where I’m going and where I’ve been. The underlying singing vocals add a bit of soul to the song overall.

Download Picture Me Rolling Instrumental 2PAC-Picture-Me-Rollin-Instrumental.mp3 (22138 downloads)

#9 – Tupac I Ain’t Mad At You Beat

This is another one of those piano dominated beats that feels great and can get stuck in your head quite easily. Simple but effective bass line that starts out playing full notes but starts having a plucked string type of sound to it. This piano melody has been copied on a couple of other songs.

Download I Ain’t Mad At You Instrumental 2Pac-I-Aint-Mad-At-Cha-Instrumental-Remake-Prod.-By-E.M.G.mp3 (22099 downloads)

#8 – Tupac Keep Ya Head Up Beat

Everyone knows this beat, the Keep Ya Head Up beat feeds your soul. This beat is so laid back but passionate at the same time and sets the tone for a truly feel good song that helps you get through the bad times and hold hope for the future. You can tell Tupac really connected with this beat and felt the need to tell all to keep their heads up during the bad times.

Download Keep Ya Head Up Instrumental Tupac-Keep-Ya-Head-Up-Instrumental-Beat.mp3 (18125 downloads)

#7-  Tupac Hit Em Up Beat

This was one of the rawest tracks I’ve ever heard an artist spit. I’m pretty sure that track was the exact reason Tupac was killed. You can’t go around saying that type of stuff without expecting some type of repercussions. It’s funny because when you listen to the beat only, its ok, but the energy it inspired is what amazed me about this simple track. It has a pretty simple baseline, no super hard hitting drums or anything but it inspired some of the rawest lyrics I’ve ever heard. That just goes to show you that even the simplest beat can inspire the rawest lyrics!

Download Hit Em Up Instrumental 2PAC-Hit-Em-Up-Instrumental.mp3 (18028 downloads)

#6 Tupac’s America’s Most Wanted Beat

Download America’s Most Wanted Instrumental  Tupac-Americas-Most-Wanted-Instrumental.mp3 (7698 downloads)

Ain’t Nutting But a Gansta Partyyy… The America’s Most Wanted beat is dirty… Super dirty bass line coupled with some hard hitting drums and irresistible clap, this track makes you lean back in your seat a little bit if you are driving down the street.

#5 Until The End Of Time Beat

The church bells played on the beginning of each down beat really sets the tone for an incredible song. The strings, synth guitar sounding instruments fill the soul and really set the mood for a great feeling sound. This is also another one of those tracks that wasn’t all that popular but I love that beat.

Download Until The End Of Time Instrumental  2pac-Until-The-End-Of-Time-Instrumental-Download.mp3 (34516 downloads)

#4 – Ambitions As A Rider Beat

This is one of the beats where you hear the opening 4 notes and know exactly what part is coming on next. “I won’t deny it, I’m a straight rider, you don’t wanna f*** with me” dun den dun dun and then that awesome string comes in haha. I love that beat! I remember bumping this track over and over again in the basement of my crib when I was in the 8th or 9th grade. I used to chill in my room and bump that All Eyes on Me Album on repeat night after night!

Download Ambitions As A Rider Instrumental  Tupac-Ambitions-az-a-Ridah-Instrumental.mp3 (13799 downloads)

#3 – Changes Instrumental/Beat

The song Changes by Tupac is one of my 3 favorite beats of all time! From that awesome piano melody, to that feel good beat that just keeps on pumping, this track was set up for success from the second it was created. The Changes beat was a solid foundation for a beautiful track made by Tupac. This song even inspired me to make changes in my own music, by only making beats for positive artists. The beat definitely gets you in touch with a higher power!

Download Changes Instrumental 2PAC-Changes-Instrumental.mp3 (22681 downloads)

#2 – Dear Mama Beat

The Dear Mama beat is probably one of the most recognizable beats of ever made. Simple 4 note bass line, but that guitar tho…  Weeeww that twangy guitar sound on top of those nice chords and bassline to match make this the perfect beat. The Dear Mama beat set the tone for thoughtful and respectable lyrics that are still played for mothers and recent as a couple of weeks ago during Mother’s Day 5/8/16.

Download Dear Mama Instrumental 2PAC-Dear-Mama-Instrumental.mp3 (14990 downloads)

#1 – Heartz of Men Beat (Best Tupac Beat Of All Time)

This is my favorite beat of all time. Yeah I know it’s not his number 1 greatest songs of all time but for some reason when the transition comes in and that piano melody kicks in (listen at 1:13 in the song), it does something to me. It’s like a perfect harmony that happens inside of my body and it’s like I’m waiting for that transition to come back in but on the way, it’s like a journey through music on the way there and by the time you get there the energy is so pumped up when its drops it’s like a climax. The part is coming on no and Jesus that feels good. Thank god for this song.

Download Heartz Of Me Instrumental 2Pac-Heartz-Of-Men-Instrumental.mp3 (16917 downloads)

I hope you enjoyed my list of the Best Tupac Beats of All Time! I’m sure you have plenty of disagreements so feel free to comment below and start a keyboard typing war.