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How To Download The Promotional Beats

To Download the free instrumental beats, just click on the links that say free download. You will have to share or like this page by using the social locker first. Each music beat will have its own Free Instrumental Downloads link. Just click the underlined link that says instrumental downloads. Save the free download to your desktop.


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Terms and Conditons / FAQ

Terms and Conditions

Free Beats for Hip Hop, Dubstep, and R&B songs.

Please remember that these free Instrumentals are for promotional purposes only. No money can be made off the projects that are created with the promotional tracks. If you would like to sell your music you need to Buy Beats.

I eventually will have beats with hooks as well. Also, I will have lessons on how to make your own music. Check out my Article I wrote about, “How to use Instrumentals to promote your Website”.


Why should I use Promtional insrumentals from

Freezee Productions LLC?


Promotional Mixtape instrumentals can help you get started in your music career for no cost at all. There are also plenty of recording programs out there that you can get for cheap and start recording yourself to save money. Fl Studio is a great beat making program for producers and artists to get started in recording. Pro tool is the industry standard and what most music school will use in teaching.

Will Other People Be Using This Track Too?

Yes, there will be other people using this it too. Your challenge is to make a stronger track than them so you can be the one that people hear on it first. Don’t be scared. Take it as a challenge and get out there and make a outstanding track.

Can I Use One of Your Non tagged tracks for no cost?

No, Non tagged instrumentals are for purchasing clients only. If you would like a beat that has no tags on it, please see my buy instrumentals page. Honestly though I have had artist do so good on their track that I end up giving them a non exclusive for no cost. Do a great job and we can talk business.

Can I Use Your Promotional Instrumentals rap beats for a Mix-tape, You tube Video, or Album that I Am Working On?

Absolutely, Just Use the Links to download them, see above.

Use the social locker or subscribe to my email to be able to reveal the links to the downloads. Please represent my business in a positive light.

Thank you for visiting, your #1 Source for Mixtape Hip Hop rap Instrumentals.

Freezee Productions, LLC 2015


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