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Music Beats/Music Producer Efreezee Contact Info

Music Beats Website

Music Producer/Composer: Erick “Efreezee” Carlson 

1 (337) 852 – 1167 or Email: [email protected]


3612 E Altadena Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85028

Best Phoenix Seo Company Contact Info

Best Phoenix Seo Company

Owner: Erick (Efreezee) Carlson 

1 (337) 852 – 1167 or


[email protected]


3612 E Altadena Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85028

Mixing and Mastering Contact Info

Mixing and Mastering Services:

Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Phill Real

1 (775) 544 – 2778 or Email: [email protected]

Recording Studios Contact Info

Freezee Productions Recording Studio:

Recording Engineer: Ad-Verse (Adam Hunter)

1 (623) 205 – 8329 or Email: [email protected]

Recording Studio Location:

1975 E University Dr Suite 369

Tempe, AZ 85281

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  1. Hello, I’m planning a video featuring my restored 993 RS replica and absolutely love the sound track used in the Vimeo 1967/911S Porsche walk around video completed in 2010. Your help in securing this music for my video would be immensely appreciated!
    Cheers, Larry

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