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A pop type beat refers to a specific style of instrumental music that is commonly associated with pop music. It is a genre of beat production that follows the conventions and characteristics of pop music, typically featuring catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and a focus on commercial appeal.

Pop type beats are created by music producers who aim to provide artists with instrumental tracks that have a similar sound and style to popular pop songs. These beats serve as a foundation for artists to write and record their own vocals and lyrics, allowing them to create songs in the pop genre.

Artists and aspiring musicians often search for pop type beats to use as a starting point for their own songs, as it can save them time and effort in creating a catchy instrumental track. Additionally, using pop type beats can help artists align their music with current pop trends and increase their chances of commercial success in the pop music industry.


19 May 2017
Description Name: "Motivation" Instrumental Description: Motivation is dominated by a strong p...
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Marz Elevated

26 Feb 2017
Description Name: "Marz Elevated" Instrumental Name: "Marz Elevated" Produced by: Erick "Ef...
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