Free Background Music Beats For Youtube Videos

Here you can download beats and Free Background Music For YouTube Videos, websites, imovies, vine videos, video editing, commercial use, video games, TV, Film, movies, hair videos, sports mix-tapes, sports highlights, presentations, free beats for YouTube videos/channels, Vimeo videos/channels and more…

Free Beats For Youtube Videos 

background beats for youtube videos

A lot of people need background beats for mixtapes, albums, background beats for songs, background beats for rap, and background beats for Youtube videos, and I certainly have no problem letting people use my my free background beats mp3 library as long as proper credit is given.

Please Credit “Beats by Efreezee @, in the Youtube video you use my background beats in. The same rules go for Facebook Posts or any other place you plan on posting with my beats. Please make sure that you put the link in correctly. Just copy and paste this link into the description of your video and tell people to visit my site if they are looking for free background beats for videos. I would greatly appreciate a helping hand. Need a custom background beat made? No Problem, we can do that too.

Free R&B Background Beats For YouTube Videos 

Listen to and Download free r&b background beats for YouTube videos here. 

Free Pop Background Beats For YouTube Videos 

Listen to and Download free r&b background beats for YouTube videos here. 

Free Background Music Score For YouTube Videos (Score Music)

Listen to and Download free background beats music by theme for YouTube videos here. 

The Real Batman

Free Background Beat

Opening Scenes

Free Background Score

Background Music For Presentations

DOWNLOAD “Business Growth” Produced by Erick “Efreezee” Carlson

Free Hip Hop Background Beats For YouTube Videos 

Listen to and Download free hip hop background beats for YouTube videos here. 

Title Download
Club Hit Download
Motivation Download
Marz Elevated Download
The One Download
Made It Download
Speak Somethin Download
Live Forever Download
Play Hard Download
Epic Download
Hip Pop Download
Extravagant Download
Mixed Emotion Download
Summertime Download
Feelin It Download
The Beginning Download

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Free Background Music For Videos, websites, imovies, video editing, commercial use, games, presentations, youtube videos/channels and more

What can your background beats mp3’s be used for?

Please, only use my free backround beats for videos. Positive projects only! Also, no money can be made off of the instrumentals that are used in your project if you don’t buy your beats. If you want to make money with the instrumental that you downloaded, please purchase a non-exclusive lease. All of my non-exclusive leased instrumentals for sale are %100 non-tagged and are royalty free after purchase. That means that you never have to pay royalties to me after you have purchased the beat. *Your video will be monetized if you use my free background beats for youtube videos. If you buy your beats, you get to keep %100 of your money you make. Visit My Youtube Channel “Download more free background beats”