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R&B Beats For Sale

Name Listen Genre Purchase
Tonight We Gon Ride R&B Beat W/ Hook
Epic R&B Beat
Allure R&B Beat
Motivation R&B Beat
Live Forever R&B Beat
Marz Elevated R&B Beat
Beautiful R&B Beat
Classy So Right R&B Beat
Mixed Emotion R&B Beat
The One R&B Beat
Summertime R&B Beat

My Inspiration For R&B Beats

My inspiration for R&B Beats started with Michael Jackson. I used to listed to his music a lot when I was around 11-12 years old. His music inspired me because it not only sounded great but, was a movement for change, change as a population and change within ourselves. I always knew that if I created music, it would be for a greater purpose than just myself.

Past and current R&B artists like Usher, Ne-Yo, Allure, SWV, Mariah Carey, R Kelley, TLC, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson, and more.

I am also inspired by newer R&B singers like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Drake, Rihanna, The Weekend, Trey Songs, Bryson Tiller, Adele, Justin Timerlake, Bruno Mars and more.

I’m Alive

14 Feb 2018
Genre: R&B, Hip Hop, Rock Instrumental Name: “I'm Alive” Track Length: 3:24 | Download S...
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25 Jan 2018
Description Name: "Epic" Produced by: Efreezee Track Length: 4:04 | Download Size: 5.58MB...
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19 May 2017
Description Name: "Motivation" Instrumental Description: Motivation is dominated by a strong p...
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Club Hit

20 Apr 2017
Description Name: "Club Hit" Instrumental Description:  Club hit is a hard hitting rap / hip h...
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