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Gospel Rap Beats For Sale | MusicBeats.Net

Gospel Beats | Free Background Music For Youtube Videos

Gospel Beats | Free Background Music For Youtube Videos

What are Gospel Beats? 

The term Gospel stands for “good message”, and the term beats stands for “instrumentals”. So, Gospel beats are simply instrumental beats made for Gospel rappers and Gospel singers to add vocals to. However, Gospel beats typically refers to beats produced for gospel rap songs while Gospel Instrumentals refers to instrumentals produced for Gospel music of all types.

This site is dedicated to offering Gospel rap beats for Gospel hip hop artists and singers.

Why Gospel Rap & Hip Hop Music?

Gospel hip hop music spreads Christianity through the power of rap. Rap music is very powerful, and can influence the way teens, walk, talk, act, and dress. Why not spread positive/Christian like views through your music to influence teens/people to get closer to Christ?

Gospel Rap Beats 

Gospel Beats

MusicBeats.Net is your #1 source for Gospel rap beats, Gospel hip hop beats, and more. Efreezee, owner and producer at MusicBeats.Net first decided to only make beats for only positive/Christian artists back in 2011. He was tired of hearing rap artists only talk about sex, money, and drugs, and wanted to only promote artists who spread positive lyrics or Christian like views. So, he decided to work with only positive artists and Christian artists that were spreading positive message through their music.

Free Gospel Beats Download 

Free Gospel Beats Download

Download free Gospel beats by clicking on the links below. You can use all of my free downloads as long as you give me credit. Just credit Efreezee from MusicBeats.Net. You can use these instrumentals in your Youtube Videos, Vine Videos, Background Gamer Music, Rap Songs, Hip Hop Songs, R&B Songs, and more. If you have questions, please email me at
“Classy So Right” Produced By Efreezee

Classy-So-Right-Tagged-Produced-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (37293 downloads)

“Real R&B” (Gospel R&B Beat) Produced By Efreezee

Real-RB-Tagged-Prod-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (26057 downloads)

“WestSide” (Gospel R&B/Rap Beat) Produced By Efreezee

westside-tagged.mp3 (7562 downloads)

“Allure” (Gospel R&B Beat) Tagged Produced By Efreezee

Allure-Tagged-Produced-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (24662 downloads)

“Beautiful” (Gospel R&B/Hip Hop Beat Piano) Tagged Produced By Efreezee

Beautiful-Tagged-Produced-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (18816 downloads)

“Can You Feel Me” (Gospel Rap Beat) Produced By Efreezee

Can-You-Feel-Me-Tagged-Produced-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (2972 downloads)

“McKnight” (Gospel Hip Hop Beat) Prod By Efreezee

Mcknight-Remastered-Tagged-Prod-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (35039 downloads)

“On Deck” (Gospel Rap Beat) Prod By Efreezee

On-Deck-Produced-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (6700 downloads)

“Poetry” (Gospel Poetry Beat) Prod By Efreezee

Poetry-Tagged-Prod-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (16488 downloads)

“Progression” (Gospel Hip Hop Beat) Prod By Efreezee

Progression-Prod-By-Efreezee-3378521167.mp3 (10863 downloads)

Gospel Beats For Sale 

Gospel Beats For Sale

Choose from all types of Gospel beats for sale. Place a check mark next to the Gospel beat you would like to purchase and click “add to cart”. You can add multiple beats to the cart at the same time. Once you have selected the beats you would like to purchase, click “checkout”. Gospel beat prices range from $25, $30, and $35.

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Stay tuned for even more Gospel beats.

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