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How To Make Beatbox Clap & Snare Sounds Beatbox Tutorial

Nine Parts:

  1. Outward Beat Box Clap
  2. Inward Beat Box Clap
  3. Using The Word “Clap”
  4. Using Your Throat
  5. Using Your Nose & Breath
  6. Using Your Tongue & Teeth
  7. Alem Clap Sound
  8. Using Your Lips
  9. Trap Style Snares

The  snare and clap sound can be done in multiple ways so I am going to show you as many ways as I know or can find. I found 8 method to create the beat box clapping sound using only your mouth, teeth, cheeks, throat and nose.

Play around with these methods (Placement of your tongue, cheeks, amount of breathe you use etc…) to find your own style of beatbox clap that works the best for you. Find which clap sounds you can make the best and focus on making those sounds better. There are some methods I can do easier than others but I practice what I like and am good at the most.

Part 1 of 9: How to make an outward beatbox clap sound using your mouth and teeth

  1. Put your teeth together like you’re about the say the word “charge” but only say the “ch” sound.
  2. Now, force the air through your teeth hard to make the clap harder. This can also be similar to a snare sound.
  3. Keep practicing this method until you get a crisper clap. It can be tough to do at first but this is probably the easiest way to make your clap if you are beginner beat boxer.
  4. Now you can mix it with a beat or just keep a rhythm with different music you are listening to.

Part 2 of 9: How to make the inward clap sound effect using your cheek, tongue and teeth

This method is a little more tough, watch the video to make it easier on you

  1. Scrunch your cheek together on one side of your face and suck air through your teeth on that side of your cheek.
  2. Now make a clicking sound with your tongue against your teeth with the air you just pulled in. Then suck and let go of the air really quickly.

You will eventually be able to make the same sound by using your tongue against the back of the roof of your mouth and without having to scrunch your cheek.

Part 3 of 9. How to make the clap sound by saying the word “clap”

  1. Say the word “clap”
  2. Now, Take off the “p” sound so your only left with the “claahh” sound
  3. Add emphasis on the letter “cl”
  4. Make sure your breath attacks fast when you say the “cl” and releases slow when you say the “aahh” so your left with the hard “cl” sound and a slow releasing “aahh” sound
  5. Now mix it with other elements of beat-box sounds to come up with your own mix

Part 4 of 9: How to make a clap or snare sound using your throat

  1. Start by saying to word “cat” but adding more emphasis on the “c”
  2. Now remove the rest of the word and only focus on the “c”
  3. Repeat it a couple times in a row “ca” “ca” “ca”
  4. Now mix it with other elements and sounds to create an original beat box

Part 5 of 9: How to make a clap sound using your nose and breathe

This method is a lot more difficult and might be almost impossible to do by only reading. Watch the video, and even then this will still be tough unless you have a lot of control over your vocal chords.

  1. Make sure your mouth is closed and use the air inside of your lungs to force it through your nose.
  2. Now control that air by making by only letting a small amount of it out at a time but make sure the air that comes out moves quickly and sharply.
  3. Try to make the air coming out sound like a hitting sound or clap

Part 6 of 9: Here’s how to make a beatbox snare sound using your tongue and teeth

  1. Press your tongue against your teeth to start to make a “ti” sound.
  2. Now say the letter “t” but force the air through your mouth quickly and sharply, don’t hold out the letter.
  3. Force the air hard to make the perfect clap sound
  4. Play around with the placement of your tongue to get a better sounding clap sound for your particular mouth. Everyone is different so the sound is going to be different for each individual person

Part 7 of 9: How to make the Alem clap sound or Alem snare sound

This sound is very popular over seas and with electronic dance music

  1. Make a kick drum sound and add a “sshhhttt” sound on the end of it
  2. Make the kick drum sound a higher not so it doesn’t match your actual kick drum sound
  3. Incorporate it into a beat box using other elements

Part 8 of 9: How to make a beatbox snare sound using your lips

This sound is a lot similar to the kick sound you made using your lips

  1. Try to make the same sound you made with the kick drum but use the letter “p” or letters “pfff” instead of the letter “b” or word “baby”.
  2. Now that you made the “p” sound, add a “fff” sound to it, basically you are just dragging out your “f” sound. The combination of these sounds makes the snare sound more authentic than to just use the “p” sound. Refer to the video to learn how to make this sound better.

Part 9 of 9: Here’s how to make trap style snare sounds using your mouth

  1. Use the same steps you used in the snare sound with your tongue and teeth for this sound
  2. Pull your cheeks in together to make a smaller area in your mouth, almost like creating a filter. You are making a small area in your mouth that is going to change the way the snare sounds. Also, try to lower the note of your snare to make it sound more trap style.

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