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[FREE] R&B Instrumental – RnB Type Beat – Falling For You

An R&B type beat is an instrumental track that embodies the style and essence of the R&B genre. It is characterized by soulful melodies, smooth chord progressions, and a strong focus on groove and feel. These beats serve as the musical backdrop, providing a foundation for singers or rappers to add their vocals and lyrics. With a mid-tempo to slow-paced rhythm, R&B type beats allow space for the vocals to shine and convey the emotions associated with the genre.

They can range from classic, timeless sounds influenced by legendary artists to more contemporary and modern interpretations. Produced specifically for artists, R&B type beats offer an avenue for creativity, enabling musicians to explore their artistic expression within the instrumental realm of R&B music.

I’m Alive

14 Feb 2018
Genre: R&B, Hip Hop, Rock Instrumental Name: “I'm Alive” Track Length: 3:24 | Download S...
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25 Jan 2018
Description Name: "Epic" Produced by: Efreezee Track Length: 4:04 | Download Size: 5.58MB...
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19 May 2017
Description Name: "Motivation" Instrumental Description: Motivation is dominated by a strong p...
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Club Hit

20 Apr 2017
Description Name: "Club Hit" Instrumental Description:  Club hit is a hard hitting rap / hip h...
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The One

26 Mar 2017
Description Name: "The One" Instrumental Description: The One is a chill trap r&b beat tha...
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Made It

1 Mar 2017
Description Name: "Made It" Produced by: Erick "Efreezee" Carlson Track Length: 3:30 | Down...
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Marz Elevated

26 Feb 2017
Description Name: "Marz Elevated" Instrumental Name: "Marz Elevated" Produced by: Erick "Ef...
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The One

15 May 2016
"The One Instrumental" Produced by Efreezee Track Length 3:26 | Size 5MB Genre: Hip Hop, Pop, R&...
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