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[FREE] Future x Gunna x Travis Scott Type Beat – “Hard”

A Future Type Beat refers to a specific style of instrumental music production that is influenced by the genre of Future, also known as Future Sound or Future Hendrix. Future is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his unique blend of hip-hop, trap, and melodic elements.

Drake Type Beat x Meek Mill Instrumental - "Hard & Fast"
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Drake Type Beat x Meek Mill Instrumental – “Hard & Fast” – MEEK DRIZZY

“Meek Drizzy” is a dynamic and captivating instrumental that flawlessly captures the essence of the collaborative hit song “Going Bad” by Drake and Meek Mill. This beat, crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, seamlessly blends the signature styles of both artists, resulting in a compelling fusion of their musical identities.

As a Drake type beat and Meek Mill type instrumental, “Meek Drizzy” embodies the best of both worlds. The beat kicks off with a hard-hitting drum pattern, featuring booming kicks and snappy snares that hit with relentless force. These elements establish a solid foundation, exuding the trap-infused swagger characteristic of Meek Mill’s sound.

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Juice Wrld Type Beat | CONNECTION | Gunna Instrumental

A Juice Wrld type beat is a style of instrumental music production influenced by the late rapper Juice Wrld. It typically features trap elements, emotional melodies, and a combination of rap verses and melodic hooks. These beats aim to capture the vibe and emotional depth found in Juice Wrld’s music, using 808 drums, atmospheric soundscapes, and a blend of rap and singing. They are sought after by artists who want to create music in a similar style or pay tribute to Juice Wrld’s sound.

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21 Savage Type Beat | Rap Beats | Instrumental | Behind The Scenes – “Hard”

A “21 Savage type beat” refers to a style of instrumental music that is similar in sound and feel to the beats that rapper 21 Savage commonly raps over. 21 Savage is known for his trap music style, which is characterized by hard-hitting 808 drums, dark and ominous melodies, and sparse instrumentation.

Therefore, a 21 Savage type beat typically features a slow tempo, a deep and heavy bassline, and simple but effective melodies that convey a sense of menace or danger. The beats often use electronic sounds, such as synthesizers and drum machines, and may incorporate samples of gunshots or other violent sounds to further enhance the gritty, menacing atmosphere.