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[FREE] Jack Harlow x Travis Scott Type Rap Beat – “Hard”

Ayye what up doe’, it’s your boy Efreezee! I’m exited to drop this new rap instrumental titled “Be About It”. I’ve cooked up some heat that’ll give you those Jack Harlow and Travis Scott vibes.

This Jack Harlow type beat is the perfect playground for all you talented artists out there. I’ve crafted this joint with bangin’ beats, infectious melodies, and those signature vibes that’ll make your flow shine.

It’s time to step up and show the world what you’re made of. Grab this rap instrumental, and let’s see you do your thing. It’s all about making hits and leaving a mark, so let’s gooo!

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Juice Wrld Type Beat | CONNECTION | Gunna Instrumental

A Juice Wrld type beat is a style of instrumental music production influenced by the late rapper Juice Wrld. It typically features trap elements, emotional melodies, and a combination of rap verses and melodic hooks. These beats aim to capture the vibe and emotional depth found in Juice Wrld’s music, using 808 drums, atmospheric soundscapes, and a blend of rap and singing. They are sought after by artists who want to create music in a similar style or pay tribute to Juice Wrld’s sound.

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[FREE] Travis Scott Type Beat – FINISH IT – Kanye West

A Travis Scott type beat is an instrumental track created in the style of rapper and producer Travis Scott. It embodies his distinct sound, combining elements of trap, hip-hop, and psychedelia. These beats typically feature heavy basslines, atmospheric sounds, and energetic melodies. They often include hard-hitting drums, distorted 808 bass, ethereal synths, vocal samples, and cinematic textures. Producers create Travis Scott type beats to provide artists with instrumentals that capture the essence of his music, allowing them to rap or sing over them in a style reminiscent of Travis Scott’s unique sound.

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Gunna Type Beat | Dark Trap Beat | Hard Freestyle Instrumental – “Slow”

A “gunna type beat” is a type of instrumental beat that is inspired by the style and sound of the popular Atlanta-based rapper, Gunna. Gunna is known for his melodic, trap-inspired style of hip-hop, and his music often features slow, syrupy beats with heavy 808 bass and dreamy, atmospheric sounds.

A gunna type beat will typically feature similar elements, such as a slow tempo, heavy use of 808s and other bass sounds, and atmospheric or ethereal melodies. These beats are often used by aspiring rappers or producers who want to create music in a similar style to Gunna’s. The term “type beat” is often used in the music industry to describe instrumental tracks that are similar in style to a particular artist or genre.

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